Koh-I-Noor mystery

The Koh I Noor is probably one of the most mythical diamonds of the History. Nadir Shah, usurper of the Persian throne, raised an army during the 18th Century, to recover it from the Great Mughal emperor of India. 

The Great Mughal lost the war. During the reconcilitation banquet, Nadir Shah proposed to the Great Mughal to swap his headgear for the Great Mughal’s turban, because a common law wife of the Great Mughal told Nadir Shah that her husband hide the diamond in his turban.

Nadir Shah left the banquet fast and opened the turban. The diamond felt on the floor and then Nadir Shah said “oh Koh I Noor” meanings “oh Mountains of Lights”. In fact this diamond was considered as the most beautiful thing in the World.

New cut Koh-I-NoorNadir Shah has been killed, like many of the later owners. Queen Victoria, after having the diamond recutted and placed on the Mother Queen’s crown, placed it in the Royal Treasure and wrote in her will that it will never leave the Treasure and will be only wear by women.

Many countries claim for the Koh I Noor without success. You can see the movie on this fabulous diamond and many other jewels of the Great Britain Treasure here.



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