Je vous emmène à travers mes vidéos découvrir mon expérience acquise depuis plus de 30 ans a silloner le globe entier à la recherche de pierres précieuses, de rencontre mémorables mais aussi de difficulté parfois …


villiaumite crystal from Namibia


Its name honors Maxime Villiaume, French soldier and explorer who made collections of minerals from Madagascar and Guinea. The villiaumite was found in its samples coming from Guinea (Rouma Island). For gemologists: watch this stone has an significant polarization abnormality, while being isotropic.

cabochon of ussingite from Russia


Discovered in 1914, its name honors the Danish mineralogist Niels Viggo Ussing (1864-1911)

tugtupite cabochon from Greenland


Mineral discovered in 1960 simultaneously in the Kola Peninsula (Russia) and south of Greenland, its name comes from an Inuit word meaning ” Reindeer blood ” (“tugtup” means reindeer in Eskimo). Stone of a beautiful color. Without light it loses its color, and after returning

cabochon of hackmanite from Afghanistan


This is a feldspathoid, his name refers to its high sodium content. Its purplish-blue color is often streaked with white feldspar veinlets. The Hackmanite is a pink-purple variety discovered in Quebec, Canada. In its formula sulfur has been replaced by chlorine, and has an amazing

oval cut scheelite from China


It is named after the Swedish chemist Karl W. Scheel (1742-1786) who discovered the tungstic acid. Tungsten is the current name of the chemical that was the metal component of wolframite, scheelite is still called a wolframate or tungstate …

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