Je vous emmène à travers mes vidéos découvrir mon expérience acquise depuis plus de 30 ans a silloner le globe entier à la recherche de pierres précieuses, de rencontre mémorables mais aussi de difficulté parfois …


pink kunzite from Patroke in Afghanistan trillion cut


It is a variety of spodumene, which is named after the American mineralogist and gemologist G. E. Kunz who analyzed it first, in 1902. The kunzite has a unique color due to manganese : pink purple more or less intense depending on the crystal orientation

emerald cut hiddenite from Brazil


This is a green variety, colored by chromium, of spodumene which is part of the pyroxene group, although green spodumene without chromium are also called Hiddenite. Its name honors W. E. Hidden, who discovered it in 1879 in the U.S. (Alexander County, North Carolina United

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