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Described by Pliny in 77 AD., its name recalls and its fault, poor hardness “malakos” which means soft in Greek, as well as its green color “malake”, which means purple green in Greek.
The Egyptians, the Greeks the Romans used it since ancient times. It served as decoration, to make objects of art or of religion, and in powder, it was used as makeup or as a base for dyes.
It has a light green to dark green color, with alternating dark and light bands forming rectilinear figures or scalloped, complex, irregular. Its crystals are rare, acicular and very small, not big enough to carve translucent stones or even transparent.
It is at the Hermitage Palace in St. Petersburg that we can observe finest collections of objects made of malachite.
The Eilat stone is a mixture of malachite, chrysocolla, azurite and turquoise.



copper carbonate mineral


Main color


all shades of green in ribbons or concentric rings when it is sawed

Color of streak



dull, silky


3.5 to 4.0


3.20 to 4.10




fibrous, uneven



opaque, translucent

very small translucent crystals

Refractive index

1.655 - 1.910

Double refraction


very strong biaxial negative

visible double refraction



very strong

Number of colors


colorless, green yellow, deep green




rarely crystallized, it is found in the form of aggregates of concentric layers consisting of needles. We know botryoidal nodules and stalactites.

crystals system



Astrological sign

Aquarius, Aries, Capricorn, Leo


This mineral is widespread and, formerly, in Russia, near Sverdloslk (Urals), same deposits have delivered blocks of over 20 tons, which, once cut, used to decorate the palaces of the tsars. We can mention Zaire, the former Katanga, which remains the world’s largest producer, but also Zambia, Australia (Queensland, New South Wales), Chile, the United States (Arizona), Namibia, Zimbabwe.
It is often associated in copper deposits with azurite, turquoise and chrysocolla.

use in jewelry

Although fragile, malachite is a stone sought to make balls for necklaces (that quickly become heavy depending on the size of the items), bracelets, cabochons for rings, earrings and various objects (boxes, small boxes, ashtrays, plates, sculptured animals and polite …). Note that the heat of cigarettes stains and ruins the malachite ashtrays.
For the sculptor or decorator, seeking to make the most of color bands, the peacock’s eye is a variety which they appear concentric.

Daily care
and precautions

It is a copper carbonate attacked by acids, heat, ammonia. To clean promptly with warm soapy water, rinse and dry immediately with a soft cloth.

imitations and

Today, the imitations are rare and of no commercial interest. There are mosaics of low quality, made of malachite platelets. There are now synthetic pigments of the same color.

healing properties

From its dark and light bands that give it a multitude of aspects, this stone reminds us that the shadow and light complete each other, as in life. She would recall the light that we would have driven back into the darkness of our unconscious, blocking our progress. It would teach us to accept our twilight zones and thereby to get rid of our weaknesses. It would promote the connection between the cerebral hemispheres, restoring the balance between feelings and morality. It symbolizes intelligence, would enhance the capacity of persuasion by facilitating clear speech. It would promote growth and would therefore be beneficial to pregnant women and young children.
In Africa, it is claimed that one who drinks water from a malachite container, understands the language of animals.
Absorbing energy, it can be applied in many places but not limited to a particular chakra. However, recently we consider that a concentric circular slice placed on the heart chakra competes to solve emotional problems.


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