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In the family of beryls, the emerald is deep green (see emerald), the blue is aquamarine (see aquamarine). But there are other varieties with names related to their specific colors.
The heliodor: its name comes from two Greek words, resulting in “gift of the sun”, its color ranging from golden yellow to yellow-green light, fades at 250 ° C. Its yellow color is due to iron. Discovered in Namibia in 1910 and considered a “new stone”, while beryl of the same color have long been known in Brazil and Madagascar, there is no clear boundary between the yellow beryl and the Heliodor.
The Morganite: its name refers to the American collector and banker JP Morgan. Color pink peach blossom tinged with purple, hence its other name, Pink Beryl. The inclusions are rare. its color is due to manganese. It is familiar in form of crystals or stony ground.
The Goshenite: named after its first shelter in Goshen (Massachusetts, USA) it’s a colorless beryl, shiny, often recrystallized.
The Bixbite is an uncommon gem that should not be confused with the Bixbyite which is an oxide of iron and manganese. Of a very strong red color (due to manganese), it’s slightly transparent so that the gems sold rarely exceed 1 or 2 carats. It shows in small hexagonal crystals, in elongated prisms, terminated by two pinacoids rarely exceeding 5 cm in length, cracked with veils.



beryllium aluminium cyclosilicate


Main color


Other colors

blue, grey, colourless, pink, red, green

the goshenite is colorless, the blue variety is aquamarine, the green variety is the emerald

Color of streak





7.5 to 8.0


2.65 to 2.90








can be translucent or opaque or even stony

Refractive index

1.560 - 1.605

Double refraction


weak negative uniaxial

visible double refraction






Number of colors


weak for the yellow varieties and sharp for the pink and green beryls



only the pink Morganite has lilac fluoresecence


crystalline cavities in two phases, parallel channels. The most characteristic inclusions are small "confetti", veils of tiny droplets.


often elongated hexagonal prisms, which can be biterminals

crystals system



Astrological sign

Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Taurus


Heliodor: it is mostly found in Brazil (Minas Gerais, Bahia, Goias), in Madagascar, Mozambique, Pakistan, Vietnam, Namibia, Sri Lanka, Russia (Urals), United States (Connecticut, Massachusetts , Virginia) and recently in Tajikistan.
Morganite: it is found in Afghanistan, Brazil (Minas Gerais), Isle of Elba ( Italy ), China, United States (Utah, California), Madagascar (Tsilaizina, Anjanabonoina, Maharitra …), Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe.
Goshenite: it is found in Brazil (Minas Gerais), China, Pakistan, Canada, Mexico, Russia, United States (Maine, New Hampshire, California).
Bixbite: it comes from the Wah Wah Mountains, Thomas Range in Utah, USA.

use in jewelry

The difference between the emerald and the green beryl is based on the intensity and color purity. Once the color is very clear and very close to yellow or blue, it is a beryl and not an emerald. The green beryl owes its color to iron, while the emerald owes its color to chromium or chromium and vanadium.
The peach pink morganite and the golden yellow heliodor are often used to make rings. the red bixbite remains a collection stone.

Daily care
and precautions

The “colored” beryls are relatively fragile, sensitive to pressure and heat but resistant to household products, unlike the emerald. Do not wash in hot water or shock them, but the use of dishwashing liquid is possible, remember to rinse with water then with alcohol.

imitations and

The heliodor is rarely imitated.
The morganite is mimicked by doublets and glass paste, sometimes with pink synthetic spinel. We know how to synthesize the morganite.
The goshenite is used fraudulently to mimic the diamond.


The morganite color can be improved by heating to 400 ° C.

healing properties

The heliodor would be an energizing stone, it would have the powers of citrine but more powerful. It would maintain the health of green plants, animals and people living in a room that contains it. It is said that it should be exposed to the rising sun to capture the energy of light in order to give it back. Astrological signs : Leo, Virgo and Pisces.
The Morganite: it would have effects similar to those of rose quartz and kunzite but would be very powerful and should be used advisedly. It would appease the violent emotional disturbance, increase the possibilities of seduction, encourage love (Heart chakra), amplify orgasm (Sex Chakra). Its astrological signs are Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.
The goshenite: its charmstone properties would fall midway between diamond and quartz. It would be a stone of spirituality that would bring clarity. The zodiacal signs linked to it are Leo and Aquarius.


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