L'île au trésor

All the treasures of the Dominican Republic.

Amber and Larimar from the Dominican Republic

L’ile au Tresor ( Treasure Island) ... is the name of the shop of Patrick Joyas, artist-craftsman specialized in amber and larimar from the Dominican Republic.

The young Patrick Joyas wanted to become an ethnologist and travel to meet the civilizations of Central and South America ... and this is where he learned the ancestral techniques of jewelry making, sculpture and the art of casting because the student was gifted.

In his shop “ L’ile au Tresor “, you will only find authentic pieces, handcrafted works of art ... none of these produced in series and with no soul.




Patrick Joyas lives on site in the Dominican Republic, 20 km away from the larimar mines. He knows, and he is appreciated by all miners and the best parts of amber and larimar spontaneously take the path of his shop because those who tear from the earth these gems like to know who will extend their life and how.

Discover the larimar, the Dominican Republic is the only place in the world where it is found and the amber is the most beautiful ... especially the blue amber, an amber with fantastic bluish reflections. To all this, add the creativity of Patrick Joyas and you will have access to exceptional creations.