A great Parisian jeweler in broad light

The wonderful creations of one of the greatest Parisian jewelers.

House GEORLAND has created and manufactured since 1954 many collections for the Great Brands of the Place Vendome and the Great of the World.

The discretion of their signature stayed behind face to he fame of those who wore their jewels ... because the exceptional pieces made by GEORLAND are dazzling ... such as the necklace with platinum, diamonds and sapphire of Princess Diana or such as the tiara of a famous actress with a 200 carats sapphire.


Today GEORLAND signs its own creations and its name is synonymous with excellence and exceptional quality both in Paris and New York.



Certainly in GEORLAND, we do not outsource ... parts are designed and manufactured in an atelier at the cutting edge of modernity to allow creativity to fully express itself. Each step that precedes the birth of a new creation is directed and controlled by experts in their own field. Nothing surprising that perfection is in there!

GEORLAND offers collections in which the soul of the House creators is always present: Jungle Queen, in which each piece sublimes nature’s poetry and colors, Logbook, an invitation to travel, escape, which is a very contemporary and feminine collection.




All the know-how accumulated in over half a century gives to the House GEORLAND legitimacy to appear under its own name ... a great jeweler stands out of the shadow and sparkles with thousands of lights to the enlightening of our greatest pleasure.