Gem's Secrets

The harmony of perfection

With Gem's Secrets, discover a world of perfection

lavender jade collar, green jade and pearlspendant with imperial jade-jadeite During her childhood, Sin Lee Lim used to follow her father, an antiquarian of Singapore, to the fair in Canton and she wondered why every green stone were called "jade". Eversince she never stopped searching for the mystery of jades.


Graduate in gemology, she has specialized in the most beautiful jades and exceptional stones to create jewels in perfect harmony with gems.


multicolored jades collarpink tourmaline earringsHer shop Gem's Secrets makes you discover this fascinating gem, the jade-jadeite and the rich purity of its jewels.


The different gems in their gold case are mutually emphasized in perfect harmony. Here you will enjoy the elegance of these creations from a passionate of high jewelry.


Of course some exceptional jades, but also pearls, emeralds, spinels, tourmalines, imperial topazes, always in their best quality, selected by Sin Lee Lim for their perfection.

To own a jewel from Gem's Secrets means reaching perfection.

kasha pearls collar and jade ballring with red spinel and diamondsBuddha pendant red jasper collar and emeralds