Brasil Joyo

Jewelry, unique pieces, heritage of Brazilian traditions.

Brail Joyo : Jewelry, unique pieces, heritage of Brazilian traditions.

In Brazil, when her father took her along with him to buy gems from the "garimperos", the eyes of the little Helena lit up in front of these glittering wonders ... that would lead her life.


To give life to these gems, in France and Brazil, she has acquired the know-how of each step in the development of a jewel.



Melting, welding, crimping have no secrets for her ... but more importantly she has a magical gift: to create unique jewelery that will enhance the stone to make it look even more beautiful.


Helena Mourthé Campos has combined the rich heritage of baroque and modernity of Brazil to create original jewelry made of the finest materials: 18 carat gold and Brazilian gems, that she will always look for, at the source, throughout the state of Minas Gerais she knows like no other.



To admire Helena’s jewelry is like traveling through time ... and knowing that her jewelry is made by traditional manufacturing techniques that make it unique and exceptional pieces.

Acquire a jewel Helena Mourthé Campos is owning a part of the Brazilian soul.