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Precious gemstones from Bangkok

Bangkok, gemstone heavenAll the precious stones in BangkokBangkok Direct gives access to one of the biggest markets for gemstones and offers the possibility to buy “directly” gemstones at competitive prices.

Shop presentation and insight:

Bangkok and Chanthaburi are the first names that come to mind when referring to gemstones in Thailand. They are some of the biggest international gem trading centers. Many gemstones appear for the first time there.

The world of gemstones is a tough one and one must have a strong experience to approach it.

Cushion ruby from Burma - MyanmarXavier, a French jeweler, graduated from the French National Institute of Gemology in Paris and its American equivalent has been living in Asia for twenty years; he knows very well gemstones and the various steps from the mines to the jewelry manufactures.

He knows everything about Burmese and Thai treasures; his passion is to close the best deals and to share them with his customers.

His company Bangkok Direct offers some high quality gems at local prices. No need to travel all the way to Thailand as all these precious stones are now available online at with a guaranty of the most accurate descriptions for you to make your choice freely.

Take advantage of true expertise to buy your favorite gemstones.

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