Je vous emmène à travers mes vidéos découvrir mon expérience acquise depuis plus de 30 ans a silloner le globe entier à la recherche de pierres précieuses, de rencontre mémorables mais aussi de difficulté parfois …


moonstone from Sri Lanka cut in cabochon


The moonstone is composed of alkaline feldspar, mainly potassium in other words orthoclase, in its variety “adularia”. This is actually a microperthite resulting from a microscopic phase separation of platelets from a sodium feldspar, the albite, in the orthoclase during the cooling of the mixture

silver color pearl from Lombok in Indonesia


The “fine” pearls are mentioned in texts dating from 2300 BC. and the oldest necklace dates from the fifth century BC. They were the object of lust of Roman Emperors, Cleopatra, Chinese Emperors, the Maharajas in India. Pearls in Europe enjoyed a great vogue when

yellow chrysoberyl from Sri Lanka oval cut


Known since antiquity as a “golden beryl”, its name derived from the Greek “khrusos” for gold. Two popular varieties are appreciated gems: the golden yellow variety and the red / green which is called alexandrite. Most chrysoberyls are golden – yellow to brown – green

green alexandrite from Sri Lanka under natural light


It is the rariest chrysoberyl variety, named after the future Czar Alexander II because it was discovered in the Ural in 1830, on the day he came of age and because of its 2 colors : green and red were the colors of old Imperialist

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