Je vous emmène à travers mes vidéos découvrir mon expérience acquise depuis plus de 30 ans a silloner le globe entier à la recherche de pierres précieuses, de rencontre mémorables mais aussi de difficulté parfois …


sliced polished nephrite from China


This is a thick microcrystalline rock the of amphibole family, we can consider nephrite as a microcrystalline variety of ferrous actinolite-tremolite series. The majority of nephrites are composed mainly of actinolite. The white variety, known as” mutton fat “, is composed almost exclusively of tremolite,

Imperial jade from Burma cut in cabochon


Its name comes from the term jade. It is the nineteenth century, in 1863, that jadeite was differentiated from nephritis. This is a pyroxene resulting from metamorphism of serpentines high in sodium. Before the nineteenth century both jadeite and nephrite were called with the generic

emerald cut willemite


Discovered in 1830 and named in honor of King Willem I of the Netherlands.

African serpentine oval cut


Serpentine, or rather the serpentines, is a group of over 20 minerals quite difficult to differentiate the one from the other, the best known of whom are : antigorite, chrysotile and lizardite. These Phyllosilicates are weathering products of magnesium silicates. The Ophite, sometimes called “ophite

scorzalite round cut


Discovered in 1957 in Brazil (Corrego Firo pegmatite, Linopolis, Doce valley, Minas Gerais). Its name honors the Brazilian geologist who discovered it: Evaristo Penna Scorza (1899-1969).

pumpellyite from Lake Superior in Michigan in the U.S.


Rare mineral found in the Carriere de la fleche, at Bertrix in the Ardennes, Belgium. We must speak of “pumpellyites” because there are some in which magnesium dominates, in others it is aluminum and yet in others it is iron, as shown here for this

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