Je vous emmène à travers mes vidéos découvrir mon expérience acquise depuis plus de 30 ans a silloner le globe entier à la recherche de pierres précieuses, de rencontre mémorables mais aussi de difficulté parfois …


marquetry in white nacre


Mother-of-pearl or Nacre is the substance that constitutes the inner part of the shell of certain mollusks, its name comes from the Latin “ nacrum “, which was used to describe white matter with iridescent reflections. It consists of a mineral part of calcium carbonate

native silver crystals from Mexico


Its name comes from the Latin argentum, it is found in hydrothermal veins. Its softness, its malleability, its low melting point and its brightness made it a popular metal for jewelry since ancient times. But it is as a currency that it has gained fame

heart cut ulexie


Named in honor of the German chemist George Ulex (1811-1883). We notice a rare property: if the ends of a thick plate are well polished perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of its crystal fibers, they behave like optical fibers. A Printed text placed below appears

green tremolite of Tanzania oval cut


She was named in 1789 by the mineralogist J.G.A. Höpfner in relation to its supposed place of discovery: the Val Tremola in the St. Gotthard massif in Switzerland, but the sample was from another valley … Campolungo. Chemically very close to actinolite (tremolite does not

yellow - green sillimanite from Tanzania


Discovered in 1824, it honors the name of the American geologist Benjamin Silliman (1779-1864). It is also known for its blue or violet variety called fibrolite. It has been known since prehistoric times and it was used to manufacture cutting tools. There is also a

emerald cut shortite


Discovered in 1939, it honors the name of American mineralogist Maxwell Naylor Short (1889-1952).

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