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Pearls, gifts of the sea to trim your jewelry


Freshwater pearls featuring different colors Cultured Tahitian pearls in their oysterWhite Freshwater pearl necklace from ChinaAubergine Tahitian pearlMulticolor pearl necklace

PEARLS DIRECT’s secret is having built over the years trusting relationships with the pearl farms which produce the most beautiful pearls in the world.


White freshwater pearl necklace from ChinaGold ring with South Sea pearlPEARLS DIRECT buys worldwide throughout the year, directly to the source. Its jewelry workshops create a range of jewels specially designed to enhance the beauty of the pearl: earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, sets of jewels, rings, custom jewelry, both for women and men.



Gold pendant with South Sea pearlWhether you are looking for Japanese Akoya pearls, black Tahitian pearls, silver Australian pearls, golden South Sea pearls, Chinese freshwater pearls, etc., you will always find at PEARLS DIRECT a wide selection of pearls of the finest quality at prices well below the Multicolor cultured Tahitian pearl necklacemarket price. By purchasing directly from the pearl farmer, without intermediary, you get the right price for some very high-end quality pearls that only a specialist can guarantee.


PEARLS DIRECT’s passion and business are pearls. Their mission is to help you discover and love their beauty.