Le Récif de Corail

Red coral from Corsica

Le Récif de Corail - The Coral Reef

Red coral has always fascinated men and ... Rémi Oreille, one of the few Corsica, coral divers, a passion that he has made his profession.

With “ Le Recif de Corail “ ( The Coral Reef ) you will be directly in contact with the coral diver that picks the " sea blood " in the Strait of Bonifacio, between 60 meters and 120 meters deep.



Dives at high risk, that respect the environment enabling a handicraft production of the finest red coral branches called " ox blood ". Rémi, the Coral Diver , continues a family tradition started by his father and provides many jewelers.


In 2005, he created with his wife Valerie, a workshop for coral cut and jewelry ... starting of course from the most beautiful coral branches collected.



The knowledge of this noble material allows them to acquire an unequaled know-how in the cutting and polishing: the shape of the coral branch guides them to give life to the most beautiful coral cabochons or polished horns.

In Corsica coral is said to bring luck ... “ Le Recif De Corail “ ( The Coral Reef ) makes you discover cabochons and drop cuts of the highest quality so that you can share with them this fragile beauty coming from the depths that holds within the spirit of the Mediterranean.