Langerman Diamonds

THE reference in natural color diamonds

Natural color diamonds

Arthur Langerman is unique ... he is the global specialist in natural color diamonds.


White diamonds had no secrets for him, so he got interested in the rarest ones : those who wear all shades of color. In the 1960s, he was considered an original getting excited for those diamonds that interested nobody.


Time proved him right ... Since the 1990s, the world of jewelery, collectors and the Greats of the World, have recognized the rare beauty of these pieces of exception: a diamond in 10,000 possesses a shade of color and only 1/1000 is of jewelry quality ... you understand why these gems have become the most sought after and valued.


Today the collection of natural color diamonds Arthur Langerman, often called "Colorman", and of his daughter Natasha refers to the international level as the classification of the 350 existing colors.


Natacha and Arthur Langerman offer you a selection of the finest natural colored diamonds, of remarkable size and brightness on

On their website, you can discover the world of natural color diamonds, with a full explanation of these extraordinary gems, a wide selection of diamonds in all colors, shapes and prices (60 € to 1.2 million €) and examples of jewelry made by them.