exceptional diamonds at Web price


GOLDMAN DIAMONDS, supplier of diamond jewelers, is one of the world specialists in diamonds cut.


GOLDMAN DIAMONDS cuts rough diamonds using the highest quality standards in terms of cut and is specialized in diamonds of exception.



If we often talk about four main criteria characterizing a diamond: its weight in carats, its white color, purity and quality of its cut, this criterion is always the last one to be mentioned... and yet it is the cut of the diamond that gives it its life, that makes it shine in a thousand lights.


GOLDMAN DIAMONDS simply does not cut diamonds in order to obtain the largest stone possible starting from a raw crystal, but only presents bright and sparkling diamonds in all their lights because their cut is perfect.


Each diamond sold by GOLDMAN DIAMONDS comes with a certificate of authenticity from a reference laboratory and most important carries with it the quality of cut of GOLDMAN DIAMONDS.


Whatever your desire, you will find the diamond of your dreams at web prices at GOLDMAN DIAMONDS.