Gemmes Passion

The passion for Gems

Gem Passion

Gem Passion is the result of a 20 years passion for precious stones. Michel Nguyen has tamed these precious materials, learning to recognize and to cut them. After he traveled the world searching the most beautiful gems, he now commercializes "on the air" sapphires from his mine in Madagascar, weather carved stones or raw crystals.



With him you can share the adventure of sapphires ripped from the malgashe land to enjoy their shining new carved life that adores the most beautiful jewelry.

Sapphire and tourmaline specialty, Gem Passion's first aim is to find the most beautiful and living colors, emphasized by a high quality carving… What would a gem be without its shine?


Wether you are a jeweler, creator, amateur or a collector, come to share the passion of gems with Gem Passion, and run through the visit of the most stunning precious stones, you will be seduced for sure.