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GemFrance, gems passion

GemFrance was created in 2003 by a passionate : Laurent SIKIRDJI, Doctor of Geology and gemologist.

GemFrance in few years has become a reference in the closed world of gems and stones ... success due to the expertise and dynamism of Laurent SIKIRDJI who travels the world to get the latest and most beautiful gems.




All to satisfy collectors of rarities and the most extraordinary dream jewelry.

Many miners and local wholesalers are reserving him the most beautiful pieces, the purest, with the most sustained color ... GemFrance is a guarantee of quality cut and clarity even for the most rare stones.


From United States to Japan, Laurent SIKIRDJI is expected in all trade fairs since his arrival is always accompanied by new stones of high quality ... often presented for the first time on the market.

Gemfrance means more than 50 000 items available, going from the gemstone, precious stones and meteorites, gold or platinum nuggets and natural crystals but also a wide range of jewelry made in France.

Discover the wealth of GemFrance on and visit also the site for an even greater choice.