Carole Guez

A universe of colors

The creations of Carole Guez

Since childhood, Carole Guez is fascinated by jewels that her father designed for her mother ... real proof of love. Fascinated by the colors and textures, she would test and master their matching to create her own world in textiles.


She approaches jewelry using stones as a painter would do with colors from a palette. Her jewels are original creations combining noble materials and colored stones, which nature abounds with, but that few dare to use and make live together. You will be surprised and amazed by the stunning beauty of the stones used in her collections.



Her creative universe combines Contemporary Art, timeless forms, her life memories, her favorites, to give her jewelry a reason to be.

You will understand how Carole Guez, adds this little "extra" that gives a soul to the objects ... her jewels become talismans, memory ... that maintain a relationship with herself.