B de A Souza Pedras

wonderful gems of Latin America

B de A Souza Brazil

Belmiro de Souza has a unique experience : trained as a lapidary, he masters all the steps that transform a rough stone into a beautiful gem that the jeweler will turn into a unique jewel.




Specialist of tourmalines, especially of paraiba tourmalines for which it has the widest selection and finest qualities choice.


B of A Souza Pedras operates gem mines in Brazil and realizes the cut of the stones with the highest quality standards.


It is considered the "specialist" of gems in Latin America and Brazil and has an international reputation for reliability, competitive price and ... always shares the love for his craft.


Discover the fabulous paraiba tourmalines and rubellites, aquamarines, topazes, morganites, heliodores, garnets, rubellites, emeralds ...