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>> Group(s) : tungstates
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It is named after the Swedish chemist Karl W. Scheel (1742-1786) who discovered the tungstic acid. Tungsten is the current name of the chemical that was the metal component of wolframite, scheelite is still called a wolframate or tungstate ...

Exploited sites

Discovered in the iron mines of Bipsberg (Dalarma, Sweden), it is found in France at Framont (Vosges), in Coastabonne (Eastern Pyrenees), in Tournebise (Puy de Dome), Germany (Zinnwald), Switzerland (Kammegg), Italy (Traversella), China, Korea, United States (Arizona), Japan, Mexico, Sri Lanka.

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Use in jewelry

Only the transparent samples are cut for their shine, but not for jewelry, because they are very fragile, but only for collection.
Most scheelite used as gems come from China.

Daily care and precautions

fragile and sensitive to acids

Looking alike stones

anglesite , cerussite , chrysoberyl , diamond , topaz , zircon

Chemical characteristics

calcium tungstate

Physical characteristics

Main color : yellow

Other colors : brown, colourless, orange

Color of streak : white

Luster : adamantine, greasy

Hardness : 4.5 to 5.0

Density : 5.90 to 6.30

Cleavage : good

Fracture : uneven

Optical properties

Transparency : transparent, translucent

Refractive Index : 1.916 - 1.938

Double refraction : 0.010

Weak uniaxial positive

visible double refraction : no

Dispersion : 0,038 (0.025)

Pleochroism : very weak

Number of colors : 2

Absorption spectrum : 584

yellow scheelite spectrum system

yellow scheelite spectrum system

orange scheelite spectrum system

orange scheelite spectrum system

Fluorescence : strong

Light blue or pink


Massive in pyramids or even dipyramids


Crystal system : tetragonal

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