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>> Group(s) : silicates
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The blue and white larimar is the only variety of this stone sought. Known since the early twentieth century, the blue variety of volcanic origin was rediscovered in 1974 in the Dominican Republic.
Its name was assigned by its discoverer Miguel Mendez: Lari (the beginning of the first name of his daughter) and “ mar “ meaning “ sea “ in Spanish.

Exploited sites

The only deposit of larimar is found in the Dominican Republic (Barahona Mine).
Pectolite is found in many mines in South Africa, Madagascar, China, New Zealand, Russia, Scotland, Germany.

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Use in jewelry

The polished larimar presents parts of a beautiful light blue and white. It is used to make jewelry, rings, pendants ...

Daily care and precautions

The Larimar is a harder variety ( hardness more than 6 )than the average pectolites and very resistant to shocks.
It is also resistant to solvents and household products.

Looking alike stones

chrysocolla , howlite , opal , turquoise , variscite

Historical healing properties

Its gentle vibration would be energizing and harmonizing. It would have a beneficial and reconstructing effect on the throat chakra on a physical level, and would even stimulate the vital organs, would balance the nervous system and enhance good humor and joyful life. On a chakra level it would improve communication with others but also with oneself. It would locate areas of low energy in the meridians. It would be a stone of great purity and sweetness that acts directly at the etheric body promoting meditation, stand back, the joy of life and see all the good sides of life taking full advantage of it.

Imitations and treatments

There is a synthetic resin coming form India imitating the Larimar. This resin is less dense and hard then Larimar.

Chemical characteristics

calcium - sodium silicate

Physical characteristics

Main color : blue

Other colors : white, colourless, green

Color of streak : white

Luster : greasy, silky

Hardness : 4.5 to 6.0

Density : 2.72 to 2.90

Cleavage : perfect

Fracture : uneven

Optical properties

Transparency : translucent, opaque

Refractive Index : 1.595 - 1.645

Double refraction : 0.004

Very weak, biaxial (+)

visible double refraction : no

Pleochroism : absent

Number of colors : 1

Fluorescence : none


Radiating massive agregats


Crystal system : triclinic

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