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>> Group(s) : silicates
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It was identified in 1806 by René Just Haüy, its name comes from the Greek "apophylliso" which means "exfoliates", "that flakes “ ... to heat, friction, acid.
There are several varieties according to their chemical composition: rich in sodium, it is the natroapophyllite; rich in fluorine, it is the fluorapophyllite.

Exploited sites

This is a fairly common stone. It is often found in cavities of basalt in India from where come beautiful green crystals, in France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Finland, Brazil, Sweden.

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Use in jewelry

its cleavage makes it very difficult to cut. Its softness makes it very fragile. It is not used in jewelry, however it is a beautiful collection stone

Daily care and precautions

Sensitive to heat, acids, and shocks.

Looking alike stones

boracite , calcite , datolite , dolomite , herderite , magnesite , natrolite , orthoclase , phosgenite

Historical healing properties

This is the stone of the third eye chakra, it would act on memory, intellect, reflection. It would help to make sound and just choices by connecting the cosmic and the earthly. The green apophyllite is the stone of the heart chakra, it would allay the sick, would be the way to suppress both physical and psychological blocks . In China, it is said that apophyllite would promote the effectiveness of acupuncture treatments.

Imitations and treatments

No known imitations.

Chemical characteristics
KCa4[(Si4O10]2 8H2O (F,OH)

complex phyllosilicate

Physical characteristics

Main color : colourless

Other colors : white, brown, grey, yellow, pink, red, green, purple

Color of streak : white

Luster : vitreous

Hardness : 4.5 to 5.0

Density : 2.30 to 2.50

Cleavage : perfect

Fracture : uneven

very easy cleavage, even too easy!

Optical properties

Transparency : transparent

Refractive Index : 1.535 - 1.538

Double refraction : 0.002

Very light, positive uniaxial

visible double refraction : no

Pleochroism : absent

Number of colors : 1

Fluorescence : variable

Some samples are yellow-orange fluoresecents


Double ending thick tabular and pseudo-cubic


Crystal system : tetragonal

Other informations

Astrological sign : Gemini, Virgo, Pisces

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It helps our brain to operates at full capacity.